Tank refund excursions

If a field trip takes place in one of our courses (515.xxx), the chair AVAW can reimburse the cost of gas for carpooling.



In order for fuel costs to be reimbursed, the following 4 points must be met without exception:

  1. At least 2 persons (registered for the course) must travel in one vehicle.
  2. The vehicle must be filled up twice (explanation see below).
  3. For insurance reasons, the lecturer must have already sent the list of participants and a carpool list to the AVAW secretariat before the excursion. Please clarify this with the presenter.



The following documents must be submitted to the AVAW secretariat:

  1. Expense report from
  2. Informal letter
  3. Two original fuell bills
  4. Any parking and/or toll fees

Freeway vignette or fines will not be reimbursed.

Transmission by mail or fax is not possible, as the original bills are absolutely necessary


Expense report from

Enclosed are some tips or assistance for completing the form:

  1. Do not account for mileage.
  2. In the "sonstiges (other)" item, enter the amount of the second gas bill (after the excursion) and any parking and/or toll fees. Please make a total.
  3. Next to the word "sonstiges (other)" note "fuel costs", "parking fee" and/or "toll fee".


Informal letter

The informal letter must include the following information (feel free to handwrite):

  1. Course number and name
  2. Date of the excursion
  3. Itinerary (place of departure, possible intermediate destinations, excursion destination & return journey)
  4. Residence of the driver (so that the refueling location can be checked)
  5. Names of the persons in the vehicle (note "driver")
  6. Explanation of why public transportation was not used

You can also attach e.g. printouts from the ÖBB website as proof to the informal letter


Note fuel bills

Without exception, fuel must be filled up twice.

  1. Immediately before the excursion or at the earliest on the evening of the previous day.
  2. Immediately after the excursion.

Refueling must be done either in Leoben or at the place of residence - depending on which place is closer to the excursion destination.


If one of the above points is not met, we can not refund the fuel costs.

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Tanja Trieb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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