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The competencies of the students acquired in the course of the “Laboratory in Applied Analytical Chemistry” will be demonstrated in a learning-outcome oriented performance assessment in the so-called “Science Room”.

The concept of the "Science Room" is based on the main idea of the currently popular game "Escape Room". However, in contrast to the classic "Escape Room", the tasks to be solved in the "Science Room" aim at course-specific knowledge and skills acquired during the laboratory course.

In the "Science Room" a small group of students (2-3 people) is given a task at the beginning and then decides independently how this can be solved with the materials and equipment available in the room. In doing so, the students use and connect their existing and newly acquired knowledge and apply it to this new task. On the one hand, the available resources need to be evaluated and, on the other hand, analysis methods suitable for the situation need to be carried out in practice. When the task is solved correctly, a box that is secured with a lock can be opened, which in turn contains new tasks, etc.

In this way, students receive immediate feedback on whether or not the task was correctly implemented. In addition to technical competence, social skills (e.g. teamwork) are also required.


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