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Field of study IU

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Only technical university degree program "Industrial Environmental Protection and Process Engineering" in Austria

Recent developments have shown that a high degree of environmental protection can already be achieved by environmentally compatible product design and efficient production processes. Thereby pollutant emissions and waste in industry can be avoided or minimized. It takes creativity, holistic thinking and knowledge in engineering sciences to conceive processes under environment-friendly and, of course, also economic aspects.

Due to the increasing legal, ecological, and economic requirements technical solutions in the field of environmental engineering are needed more than ever. Technical solutions for further reduction of emissions, for efficient use of renewable and non-renewable resources, for recycling, waste avoidance, land utilization and many more.

For effective environmental protection the keynote for environmental engineering “avoidance, minimization and utilization” must be implemented starting from industry (“environmental protection”) up to each individual in our society.

Modern environmental engineering must go further and further into the understanding of material specific connections and must at the same time try to view processes and their impact on mankind and environment comprehensively.

At the Montanuniversitaet of Leoben environmental engineers are educated in the only technical university degree program of this kind in Austria. This means that from the first to the last semester the education of the degree program focuses on environmental protection. With this degree program the Montanuniversitaet holds an exceptional position in academic education, which has a very positive effect on the career chances of the graduates.


Professional fields

Graduates in Industrial Environmental Protection and Process Engineering work in all areas along the value chain, i.e. from exploitation of natural resources to production, recycling and disposal.

Environmental engineers are the future persons in charge of environmentally compatible engineering in industrial, business and services enterprises. Additionally, the environmental engineer is the expert and competent consultant for legislative bodies and authorities in all environmental issues (expert and inspecting authority). Graduates can be found in executive positions up to the management of enterprises.

The professional field of an environmental engineer is subject to permanent extension in order to react to the constantly occurring and changing environmental problems.


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Curriculum IU

The curriculum of the degree program "Industrial Environmental Protection and Process Engineering" (pdf-download) you find here.   … read more ›

Representatives Field of Study

Representatives Field of Study

The representatives of the IU field of study (STV-IU) in this period are President: Anna Krammer 1st Vice-President: Christiane Mimra 2nd Vice-Pres … read more ›
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Field of study IU