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Covid-19 information

The majority of the staff of our chair AVAW are currently working from home and can therefore only be contacted by email or by telephone on their work mobiles.
You can find the contact details of our employees here on our website under the "Team" tab.

Under certain conditions, it is possible for individual persons or small grooups to visit the chair AVAW. Please clarify details with the relevant member of the chair AVAW.

Status: July 1st, 2021



The chair AVAW performs R & D projects in the fields contaminated sites and landfills, waste management and disposal technology, environmental management and life cycle analysis as well as environmental and process analytics in cooperation with companies, research institutions and authorities.

On the following pages you can find informations about our working teams (AGs), our partners and about the papers of the chair staff.





WG "Future Waste"

Working group "Future Waste"

The working group Future Waste researches on future waste as well as on future waste treatment processes of waste materials which are actually landfil … read more ›

WG "Innovative Waste Treatment"

Working group "Innovative Waste Treatment"

The working group „Innovative Waste Treatment“ deals with interconnected recycling and recovery processes in conjunction with industry 4.0 … read more ›

WG "Mineral Waste, Landfill and Contaminated Sites"

Working group "Mineral Waste, Landfill and Contaminated Sites"

Increasing shortage of primary resources requires a change of the waste economy towards a resource economy so that waste gains more and more importanc … read more ›

AG "Environmental Analytical Chemistry"

In the environmental field, there are a large number of standards and regulations with detailed specifications for sampling, sample preparation and an … read more ›

Corporate and research partner

Corporate and research partner of AVAW

The chair AVAW cares for its  close contacts with partner companies and scientific institutions. These cooperations lead to attractive R&D pr … read more ›



Here you can find the papers of the chair staff:   … read more ›
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