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Chair of Waste Processing Technology and Waste Management // Montanuniversitaet Leoben


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The chair AVAW performs R & D projects in the fields contaminated sites and landfills, waste management and disposal technology, environmental management and life cycle analysis as well as environmental and process analytics in cooperation with companies, research institutions and authorities.

On the following pages you can find informations about our working teams (AGs), our partners and about the papers of the chair staff.





WG "Waste Process Engineering"

The working group "Waste Process Engineering" deals with interconnected recycling and recovery processes to achieve higher recycling rates for no … read more ›

WG "Digital Waste Technology"

The working group "Digital Waste Technology" is concerned with research into sensor-based sorting and material flow analysis and their efficient use i … read more ›

WG "Future Waste & Waste Management"

Waste Management The working group Future Waste & Waste Management is primarily concerned with systemically oriented issues of waste management a … read more ›

AG "Methodes and Environmental Analytical Chemistry"

In the environmental field, there are a large number of standards and regulations with detailed specifications for sampling, sample preparation and an … read more ›

WG "Environmental Remediation and Mineral Waste"

The working group "material-oriented waste technology" deals with mineral by-products and wastes (ashes, slags, C&D waste, mineral wool, manganese … read more ›



Here you can find the papers of the chair staff:   … read more ›
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