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Project long title

Destruction of organic pollutants in water using innovative process combinations


Project description

Within the project ZEROS the suitability of the ferrodecont® process (Water purification in a fluidized bed using Fe(0)) for the decomposition of organic contaminants is tested and this process is adapted and/or combined with the following other processes:

  1. Application of ultraviolet radiation sources
  2. Application of an electrolysis cell with a diamond electrode
  3. Other processes, if applicable


Abbildung Zeros Englisch
Project sketch ZEROS


Project result

Alternative pump&treat process for the decomposition of organic contaminants which can only partly be adsorbed onto activated carbon.



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Sedlazeck, K.P.; Vollprecht, D.; Müller, P.; Mischitz, R.; Gill, J.; Trois, W.; Maunz, I.; Frate, R.; Mann, O.; Wruss, K. (2019): Decomposition of dissolved organic contaminants by combining a boron-doped diamond electrode, zero-valent iron and ultraviolet radiation. Chemosphere 217, 897-904.



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