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Consultancy for the recycling of polyethylene plastic waste


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Recycling of plastic waste has become a major technological and economical topic in waste management. Decades of their minor importance have come to an end. This is caused by a new plastic strategy of the EU, put into action by the amendment 2018 of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (EU 1994/62) and the Single-Use-Plastic Directive (EU 2019/904).

The research project WasteGuide (Consultancy for the recycling of polyethylene plastic waste) of AVAW concerns plastic recycling in general and particularly the polyethylene recycling plant Ecoplast in Wildon.

Closing the cycle of plastic waste can only be accomplished by interaction of collection, sorting, recycling and integration of the recyclate into products. According to waste management rules source separation, i.e. separate collection, is mandatory instead of any mixed collection system. Sorting plants guarantee the input quality for further recycling by separating the particular material from other waste. Recyclate production in recycling plants is the technically most sophisticated step. Still the biggest gap in the cycle exists between recyclate and its introduction in new products. Today many plastic recyclates are down cycled and recycling on the same level is hardly established at the moment.

The aim of the research project WasteGuide is to examine and assess recycling processes for polyethylene in the waste management context.

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Material cycles of circular and linear economy (Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2016, The New Plastics Economy – Rethinking the Future of Plastics)



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