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Chair of Waste Processing Technology and Waste Management // Montanuniversitaet Leoben

Climate neutrality study

Project long title

Study on the systematic interaction of decarbonization and circular economy on the example of the Austrian industry


Project description

The Austrian industry with its energy-intensive and non-energy-intensive subsectors is responsible for about 37 % of the gross domestic consumption of about 400 TWh and about one third of the CO2 emissions. With a share of around 22% of gross value added, it plays a key role in securing Austria's position as a business location. As envisaged in the current government program "Aus Verantwortung für Österreich", Austria aims to achieve climate neutrality in 2040.

With regard to the goal of climate neutrality, this study will look at the influence of an increased circular economy in industry on CO2 emissions. For this purpose, the material flows generated in production are considered over the entire life cycle. Material flows leaving the economic cycle are to be identified and possible technologies for the further use of these materials researched. The required quantities are to be evaluated in terms of their availability and costs. The possible technologies are to be examined with regard to their relevance for industry and their impact on resource or energy savings. The potential savings in CO2 emissions are to be determined quantitatively. From this, the particularly relevant technologies are to be derived and concrete measures for the respective sectors of the Austrian industrial landscape are to be derived.


Central research questions

  • Which technologies of the circular economy system have industrial relevance and potential in Austria?
  • Which effects of energy and resource savings can be achieved by using material flow potentials?
  • Which subsectoral future technologies and material flows should be promoted to achieve significant energy and resource effects?



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Project partner

Evt-logo Chair of Energy Network Technology at Montanuniversitaet Leoben



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Climate neutrality study