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Recycling of metal hydroxide sludge

Project description

Metal hydroxide sludge can be precipitated from metal pickles produced in the metal processing industry by neutralization and the metals contained therein can be recycled. Currently, the sludge is landfilled after solidification at below cost. In the course of the project, the aim is to recycle metals contained in the sludge in a way that generates revenue.

In the project funded by the FFG, the process parameters of the precipitation of a metal pickle were recorded and samples were taken over the course. The hydroxide sludge obtained was analyzed for valuable and interfering substances with a view to recycling. Contact was then sought with potential recyclers and the conditions of acceptance discussed.

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Project aims

  • Presentation of recycling processes for metal hydroxide sludges
  • Definition of quality requirements for metal hydroxide sludges
  • Preparation of a mass balance for the precipitation



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Recycling of metal hydroxide sludge