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Recomet 2.0

Project long title

Recovery of metals 2.0


Project description

The exploratory project "RECOMET" for the investigation of the fundamental principles of the recovery of critical metals from waste water was a full success. Critical metals could be removed from synthetic and real samples on the lab scale. Within the industrial research these results must be integrated in an overall concept to prove the feasibility on the system scale.

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Project sketch RECOMET 2.0


Aims aims

Consequently, the aims of the project RECOMET 2.0 are:

  • Prove of feasibility of an overall system to recover critical metals from industrial waste waters on the lab scale
  • 53-fold enrichment of molybdenum along the entire process chain


Vollprecht, D.; Plessl, K.; Neuhold, S.; Kittinger, F.; Öfner, W.; Müller, P.; Mischitz, R.; Sedlazeck, K.P. (2020) Recovery of Molybdenum, Chromium, Tungsten, Copper, Silver, and Zinc from industrial waste waters using zero-valent iron and tailored beneficiation processes. Processes. In press.



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