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Project description

Project RE²BA touches the necessity to decrease costs of electro-mobility with the aim to make it attractive to wide user groups. Being one of the major cost drivers, the obligatory high voltage automotive battery shows a lot of touching points for the increase of its ability for reuse and recycling along its whole value chain (from design to recycling), and thus for the battery related cost reduction potential. The main aim of the project is the exemplified documentation of those optimization potentials both in the whole system with a special focus on reuse and recycling issues.

Kreislauf Retwoba 2
Cycle of factors that are influenced by RE2BA


Aims of the project

  • Optimization of energy storage systems for reuse and recycling,
  • Establishing the prerequisites for reuse of LIB,
  • Investigation of customer acceptance for reused LIB,
  • Eco design for energy storage systems.



This project is financed by the Climate and Energy Fund and realised within the framework of the programme “Showcase and Demonstration Projects for E-mobility”.

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Project Partner

Avl 1 AVL List GmbH
Logo Ktm KTM AG
Sdag 3 Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG (consortium leader)
Smartpower 1 Smart Power



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