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Plastic Reborn

Project long title

Development of wet chemical processing methods to increase the material recycling rate of plastics


Project description

Currently, plastic waste is predominantly treated as refuse-derived fuel for industrial processes. In the purpose of a forward-looking waste management particularly attention should be paid on recycled plastics and secondary resources. With this end in mind the main target of the study is to develop an innovative wet-mechanical preparation process for selected waste streams. The consortium of this Research Studio consists of three chairs, the chair AVAW, the Chair of Mineral Processing and ours who finally make the preparation process ready for the market. Our chair develops waste streams from households and industry as an input material which contains a high but not yet available potential of secondary resources. As an example for industrial waste streams are Rejects from the paper industry and fractions of landfills.

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Pilot facility


Aims of the project

  • Identification of polyolefin-rich waste streams in Austria based on the Waste Catalogue ÖNORM S2100,
  • Quantitative assessment of potential waste steams,
  • Analytical monitoring of the wet-mechanical process and
  • Representation of possible impacts on the waste management system in Austria.



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Project partner

Vtiu 1 Lehrstuhl für Verfahrenstechnik des industriellen Umweltschutzes, Montanuniversität Leoben

Aufbereitung Lehrstuhl für Aufbereitung und Veredelung, Montanuniversität Leoben



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