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Project long title

EU training network for resource recovery through enhanced landfill mining


Project description

The project NEW-MINE deals with the topic of Landfill Mining inclunding innovative thermochemical conversions technologies of the obtained high heating value fractions obtained.

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Project Sketch NEW-MINE


Results of the project

Vollprecht, D.; Hernández Parrodi, J.C.; Lucas, H.; Pomberger, R. (2020): Case study on Enhanced Landfill Mining at Mont-Saint-Guibert Landfill, Belgium: Mechanical processing, physico-chemical and mineralogical characterization of fine fractions <4.5 mm. Detritus 10, 26-43.

Here you find a video with the title "The missing link of the circular economy 2.0" about this project.



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Daniel Vollprecht

Daniel Vollprecht

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