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MiLeSlag 2.0

Project long title

Mineralogy and leachability of steel slags 2.0


Project description

During the project MiLeSlag, leaching controlling mechanisms for heavy metals in steel slags were identified by linking mineralogy and leachability and first conditioning experiments were conducted. In the follow-up project MiLeSlag 2.0, these findings will be applied on a statistically relevant scale. In addition, the influence of the conditioning measure on the treatability and the constructional suitability of the slags will be investigated. Finally, an optimized conditioning method shall be implemented in the steel plant.

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Aims of the project

The aim of the project is to apply existing findings to a statistically relevant and industrial scale. In addition, new knowledge regarding the treatability and constructional suitability of the conditioned slag shall be obtained.



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Scholz Scholz Austria GmbH

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