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Enhanced in-situ remediation using combined technologies


Project description

The project LISA deals with low permeable subsurfaces in the silty grain size range and their role during in-situ remediation of contaminated sites. These low permeable parts elude  conventional in-situ remediation technologies. Their increased flow resistance has the effect that the applied remediation media follow the pathway of lowest resistance and swerve these subsurface regions.  Inherent capillary foreces increase this effect further. Thus these regions are excluded mostly from in-situ remediations until now.

Schemazeichnung Lisa Englisch
Project sketch LISA


Results of the project

The results of the project LISA include:

  1. transport system for this special application in silty loose sediments
  2. degradation system for petroleum contaminations in these settings

Höllen, D.; Philipp, R.; Bogolte, B.T.; Staudigl, A.; Kulich, M.; Fehrer, A.; Grabmair, J.; Ausweger, G.; Pomberger, R. (2018): Leistungsgesteigerte In-situ-Sanierung mittels Verfahrenskombination. DGAW-Wissenschaftskongress Abfall- und Ressourcenwirtschaft 8, 167-172.



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