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Project description

In cooperation with the industrial project partners Saubermacher and MAGNA STEYR Battery Systems a project called LIBRES was initiated at the Montanuniversity of Leoben. LIBRES focuses on developing a safety relevant, economic and complete recycling process for lithium ion batteries (LIB) including the entire life of LIBs from production to use and from collection, transport and storage to recycling and material recovery.

Part of LIBRES is an environmental assessment study with help of a Life Cycle Analysis, which determines the environmental impact of material recovery to recycling process.

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LIBRES Life Cycle of a Lithium Ion Battery


Aims of the project

  • Development of a recycling process
  • Development of appropriate disassembly steps for various energy storage systems
  • Attaining a high material recycling rate
  • Consideration of safety relevant aspects
  • Establishing the most efficient thermal and other treatment methods for LIB
  • Calculation of recycling efficiency for LIBs from traction batteries



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Project partner

Mul Nichteisen Institute for Nonferrous Metallurgy (Montanuniversitaet Leoben)
Magna Steyr 2 Magna Steyr Battery Systems
Sdag 6 Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG (consortium leader)



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