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Landfill Mining Austria - Pilot region Styria (LAMIS)

Project description & methodology

The project LAMIS which is funded by the FFG within the BRIDGE program deals with the opportunity of an orderly dismantling of old landfills to recover resources from waste („landfill mining“). The waste which was disposed in the past is excavated, processed and delivered to a material or energy recovery. Only the non-recyclable percentage is re-disposed according to the state of the art. LAMIS follows the subsequent methodology (Figure Methodology).

Methodology of LAMIS


Project results

The recycling of materials from landfill mining under the present legal, economic and technical framework conditions very restricted.

Wolfsberger, T.; Aldrian, A., Sarc., R.; Hermann, R.; Höllen, D.; Budischowsky, A.; Zöscher, A.; Ragoßnig, A.; Pomberger, R. (2015): Landfill Mining: Evaluation and quality assessment of recovered municipal solid waste by chemical analyses. Waste Management & Research 33(11), 962-974.



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Landfill Mining Austria - Pilot region Styria (LAMIS)