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Carbon Footprint tool for waste managment

Project description

The contribution of waste management operations to environmental protection is mostly looked at in terms of the collection of waste and its treatment. Due to international contracts as Kyoto Protocol and national emission reduction objectives, Stakeholder are confronted with collecting data, calculation of emissions and communicating them within sustainability reports. Generation of this data is time consuming and expensive, therefore the developed tool give the possibility to model carbon footprints of a plant or region within little time and no expert knowledge.

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Input mask of the Carbon Footprint Tool (only in German language)

Based on transport data and waste quantities, originating from regional statistics or evaluations, the carbon footprint model calculates the CO2-equivalents (consisting of CO2, CH4, N2O) of each municipal waste flow. The presented tool has been built for regional data analysis and should help to investigate the annual impact of waste management within the whole sector. Therefore a general approach was chosen to be clear, intuitive and general applicable. The tool is now only in German available and is modelled under Styrian conditions for municipal waste streams. Seven waste categories (bulky waste, organic waste, packaging waste as glass, metals and lightweight, paper/cardboard, residual waste) were considered. The internet tool should help the interested parties to communicate their results, raise awareness for the topic and to motivate society to collect separately.

Waste can be clearly stated as a valuable resource compared to the primary material production or energy amount needed comparatively. The resource saving potential for secondary resource usage and environmental protection due to separate collection should be demonstrated.


Aims of the project

The aims of the procejt include:

  • Development of a carbon footprint tool for waste management,
  • Presentation of emissions generated from municipal waste management in Styria,
  • Presentation of emission reduction potential by using secondary materials instead of raw materials,
  • Intuitive communication and motivation tool for Styria stakeholders,
  • General applicable tool for political and technical decision makers at a local, regional scale as well as on plant level,
  • Export function of results included.



Land Steiermark A14 2 Styrian Provincial Government – Departments 14

Land Steiermark A15 1 Styrian Provincial Government – Departments 15


Project partner

Fh Technikum Wien 1FH Technikum Vienna - Institute of Information Systems Management



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Carbon Footprint tool for waste managment