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Update of the Styrian Waste Management Plan 2010

Project description

The project addresses the update of the Styrian Waste Management Plan 2010 (Landes-Abfallwirtschaftsplan - L-AWP). The new version of the L-AWP will be evaluated and updated after the publishing of the Austrian Federal Waste Management Plan which is estimated in July 2017 (§ 5 Abs.3 StAWG 2004).

The L-AWP is required to include a survey of actual municipal solid waste production, a survey of the Styrian treatment facilities as well as a prognosis about the future waste quantity. Furthermore, goals and strategies of a sustainable waste- and resource management for Styria must be updated and if necessary new strategies must be proposed.

The responsible unit for the update of the Styrian Government is the “Waste- and Resource Management” division of the Department 14. The update will consist of the evaluation of goals and strategies of the previous L-AWP, a discussion about new frame conditions, the collection of data about the actual and historical waste management and the coordination of all activities concerning the update.

The process is consulted by the chair of Waste Processing Technology and Waste Management of the Montanuniversitaet Leoben. The chair will contribute the scientific point of view and design the new L-AWP in cooperation with the Department 14.

The project is subdivided in creating a macrostructure, combining and positioning the data, editing the chapters and incorporating corrections and additions in the final version.


Aims of the project

The aims of the project include:

  • Licensable Styrian Waste Management Plan in the new version 2017.
  • Evaluating the goals of the L-AWP 2010.
  • Vision 2020 – sustainable resource management: Styria’s current situation and possibilities for improvement.
  • Proposal of the waste management strategies for 2030.
  • Establishment of short-, mid- and long-term goals to put these strategies into effect.



Land Steiermark A14 3 Amt der Steiermärkischen Landesregierung - Abteilung 14 Wasserwirtschaft, Ressourcen und Nachhaltigkeit



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Update of the Styrian Waste Management Plan 2010