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Project long title

Development and testing of a sensor-based material flow monitoring system


Project description

At present the recycling rate of waste plastics in Austria accounts for 28 %, but has to rise according to EU requirements to 55 % by the year 2030. Currently the achievement of this aim is technically impossible, because variations in the amount and composition of collected lightweight packaging waste and the occurrence of problematic substances impairs the efficiency of sensor-based sorting technologies. Consequently, in the EsKorte project fundamental research for the development and testing of a sensor-based material flow monitoring system for plastic recycling technologies are conducted.

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Aims of the project

Aim of the project is to allow for an intelligent interaction of sorting machinery to create fundamental knowledge in laboratory scale to increase the recycling rate to a minimum of 55 % by the year 2030 which corresponds to a doubling compared to the state of the art.



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Project partners

Aachen RWTH Aachen University
Evk 2 EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH
Siemens Siemens AG Österreich
Brantner Brantner Environment Group GmbH
Omnetric OMNETRIC GmbH



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Sabine Schlögl

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