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Further investigations concerning in-situ remediation

Project description

The project ChromSan which is funded by the Austrian Ministry of the Environment via the Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) improves a technology futher which was developed within a antecedent project for the reduction of toxic Cr(VI) to harmless Cr(III) and expands ist field of application to the saturated soil zone. The ferroDECONTprocess is based on the reaction

Fe0 + CrVIO42- + 4 H2O ↔ Fe(OH)3 + CrIII(OH)3 + 2 OH-.

At an old industrial site a pilot plant was installed (Figure pilot plant), where a pump & treat process is applied to treat the contaminated ground water by a fluidized bed of granulated pig iron. The precipitated Cr(III) hydroxide is separated and the cleaned groundwater is re-injected adding a reduction agent (“in-situ remediation”) to avoid subsequent re-oxidation.

 Bild Chromsan
Pilot plant at an old industrial site


Project results

The in-situ remediation by reduction processes is limited by the rebound effect, but the pump-treat ferroDECONT process is sustainable.

Sedlazeck, K.P.; Höllen, D.; Müller, P.; Mischitz, R. (2015): Innovative technique for waste water treatment and contaminated site remediation. Journal of Solid Waste Technology & Management 41(44), p. 937-944.

Sedlazeck, K. P.; Höllen, D.; Müller, P.; Mischitz, R.; Gieré, R. (2017): Mineralogical and geochemical characterization of a chromium contamination in an aquifer – A combined analytical and modelling approach – in: Applied Geochemistry. 87, p. 44-56.



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Further investigations concerning in-situ remediation