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New Sampling Technique for Coarse Waste Materials from Bales

Project description

The BalSam (Bale Sampling) project develops a new technique to facilitate non-destructive sampling in waste bales. The current State-of-the-Art implements breaking up the bale, followed by tapering the samples.  This technique is effort- and time-consuming. Improving the sampling process leads to higher accuracy of the results, since the process of sampling is the major source of error.

The analysed bales are infused with polyethylene–foil, varying in size and previously doped with MoS2. Samples are taken with a core drill equipped with a special crown, along the direction of bale pressing, to allow for a representative cross section.

Depending on the size of the bales, up to 20 increments can be obtained without compromising the stability of the bale. These samples are further analysed for parameters such as Mo-, Cl--, ash- or water content.

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Those parameters can be homogeneously or heterogeneously distributed in the bale, resulting in different errors of the results. For instance, tests confirm that heterogeneous parameters require a higher count of samples to achieve accurate results.

The following chart shows the fluctuations of values of a heterogeneously distributed parameter, Molybdenum, around the (calculated) true value.

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Aims of the project

  • Non–destructive sampling of bales
  • Reduce the required effort to probe a bale
  • Minimise the total error by means of improving trueness and precision


Project partner

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New Sampling Technique for Coarse Waste Materials from Bales