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Chair of Waste Processing Technology and Waste Management // Montanuniversitaet Leoben

Working group "Environmental Analytical Chemistry"

In the environmental field, there are a large number of standards and regulations with detailed specifications for sampling, sample preparation and analysis of solid and liquid waste. This strict standardization is what makes it possible to compare results with other data or limit values. Nevertheless, there are a number of wastes that cannot be adequately sampled or analyzed with the given classical approaches.


These include a wide variety of waste types, including:

Wastewater, municipal waste, biofuels, combustibles, soils, refuse derived fuels, process products and residues, plastics, slags, workshop waste, screen casings, composite materials, metallic waste from the electronics sector, etc.

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The working group "Environmental Analytical Chemistry" develops scientifically based solution concepts for special analytical problems. Thus, numerous projects have already been successfully completed together with company partners.

The working group has access to modern laboratory equipment and a wide range of instruments for the analysis of inorganic and organic pollutants. Especially for the sample preparation of waste samples of different kinds (e.g. metallic samples) a whole range of equipment is available. The list of instruments at the chair can be found here.


Ongoing / completed projects of the WG


Various contract research projects (commissioned directly by companies, so we cannot list these individually here)

Organization of the waste management and recycling conference Recy & DepoTech



On a separate page we have summarised the equipment of the chair AVAW (click here).


Group members of the WG



Leader of the WG

Aldrian - Zoom 2 Dr. Alexia Tischberger-Aldrian



Konetschnik - Zoom Ilvy Konetschnik (trainee)
Primig - Zoom Romana Primig
Prinz - Zoom Geringe Aufloesung 1 Lena Prinz (trainee)
Riedl - Zoom Manuel Riedl (Deputy leader of WG)
Stipanovic - Zoom Geringe Aufloesung Hana Stipanovic
Tauterer - Zoom Carina Tauterer


Student employees

  • Alexander Anditsch
  • Tanja Bäck
  • Alexander Egarter
  • Sebastian Entler
  • Thomas Fink
  • Verena Radkohl
  • Fellix Scheidl
  • Leonie Wachtler
  • Lukas Wenisch



With the following form you can directly contact the leader of the working group Miss Dr. Alexia Tischberger-Aldrian.

Alexia Tischberger-Aldrian

Alexia Tischberger-Aldrian

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont.
Working Group Leader

Phone: +43 3842 / 402-5116
Cell: +43 650 / 86 62 00 1
Fax: +43 3842 / 402-5102
E-mail: alexia.tischberger-aldrian@unileoben.ac.at


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