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Working group "Material-Oriented Waste Technology"

The working group "material-oriented waste technology" deals with mineral by-products and wastes (ashes, slags, C&D waste, mineral wool, manganese salts), polymers (lightweight packaging, multilayer foils, bio-based plastics), compound materials (photovoltaic modules), contaminated soil and groundwater, landfills and their leachates as well as industrial waste waters. 


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Research fields of the working group "Material-Oriented Waste Technology"


The focus is on characterization, mobilization and fixation of valuable and problematic constituents using microscopic, spectroscopic, thermo- and hydrochemical metthods as well as thermodynamic models. The investigated constiuents range from the atomic scale (binding of individual elements) via the phase scale (mineralogical composition) to the particle scale (separation of individual particles using sensor-based sorting, disintegration of compound materials).

Aim of this research is to lay the scientific-technological foundations for a high value recycling of these waste streams by producing concentrates of valuable materials of high purity and by removing and/or immobilizing contaminants.


Ongoing projects of the WG


Other contract research projects (commissioned directly by companies, so we cannot list them here)

Organization of the waste management and recycling conference Recy & DepoTech


Completed projects of the WG (in the laste 2 years)


Other contract research projects (commissioned directly by companies, so we cannot list them here)


Group members of the WG

Einzelfolie Ag Vollprecht 27102021 Englisch

Leader of the WG

Vollprecht - Zoom 1 assoz.Prof. Dr. Daniel Vollprecht
Resource Potential and Enviromental Impact of Mineral Residues



Sattler - Zoom 1 Theresa Sattler, MSc.
Geotechnics and Mineralogy


Student employees

  • Julian Aberger
  • Iris Berrer
  • Florian Feucht
  • Giv Noori Khadjavi



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Daniel Vollprecht

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