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Working group "Mineral Waste, Landfill and Contaminated Sites"

Increasing shortage of primary resources requires a change of the waste economy towards a resource economy so that waste gains more and more importance as a secondary resource. On the other hand, this circular economy holds the danger of dissipation of contaminants. Consequently, the aim of the working group is to foster material and energy recycling of wastes avoiding harmful impact on the environment.

Cr-distribution in a steel slag

The focuses of the working group are characterization of currently produced mineral wastes and by-products (e.g. artifical mineral fibres, residues of waste incineration and waste water treatment, metallurgical slags (Fig. 1)) with respect to a use as resources (e.g. construction materials or metals). On the other hand sensor-based sorting for plastic recycling is investigated .

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Sensor-based sorting

Finally, the working group develops innovative remediation concepts (Fig. 3) for cases where contaminated sites were generated because of incorrect waste disposal or contaminant release by other causes.

Soil column experiements regarding chromate reduction


Research projects

The following research projects are/were settled in this working group:


Working Group Members

Mineralische Abfaelle

Koinig Dipl.-Ing. Gerald Koinig
Sensor-based sorting

Namrate Namrata Mhaddolkar, M.Eng.
Eco-designed Plastic in collection and logistics system

Sattler - Zoom 1 Theresa Sattler, MSc.
Geotechnics and mineralogy

Dsc00838 Hochformat 2 Sabine Schlögl, BSc.
Sensor-based sorting

Vollprecht - Zoom 1 Ass.Prof. Daniel Vollprecht (WG-leader)
Resource potential and enviromental impact of mineral residues


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