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Working group "Future Waste"

The working group Future Waste researches on future waste as well as on future waste treatment processes of waste materials which are actually landfilled or incinerated.

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Solutions for the plastic waste dilemma are examined and industrially investigated. A small contribution against the uncountable new plastic mixtures which are daily placed on the markets without ecodesign for reuse or recycling at the end of their lifetime.

Lithium batteries and other energy storage systems are considered as future waste. To reach legal recycling rates their ecodesign asks for new treatment methods to meet new processes without safety constraints or down-cycling. 


The material spectrum of the working group ranges from critical raw materials towards metal pickling solutions to reach excavated soil. Thus analysis and assessment of heterogenic material mixtures play a major role and the methods for sampling, preparation and analysis are constantly updated. The work is done theoretically and experimentally in demonstration plant scale on industrial sites by research, analysis, expertises - even by expert opinions - and development.

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The working group cooperates closely with companies - from the idea generation through concepts towards customer requirement specification and prototyping -, with students - teaching about the latest methods and processes about industrial environment protection -, with authorities and with the scientific community to implement the newest R&D outcomes of waste treatment technology and waste management into our society.


Research projects

The following research projects are/were settled in this working group:


Working Group Members

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Dobra - Zoom 1 Dipl.-Ing. Tudor Dobra
Photovoltaic Modules

Nigl - Zoom 1 Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Nigl, BSc.

Img 9978g 1 Mag. Dr. Martin Wellacher (WG-leader)
Biological Processes



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